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The Juggling act of running your own business

So, when you started your business I expect you were passionate about your product or service and disillusioned with busting your balls for someone else’s profit?

But through the excitement in the early days, did you ever stop to imagine how you would feel being the IT guy, the bookkeeper, the marketing expert, the office manager, the web designer, the salesperson as well as the boss?

Sure, you can handle this for a while – it’s what you’ve got to do to succeed right? But for how long can you sustain this juggling act before you mess up, burnout or fall out of love with your business?

“This sounds familiar, but I can’t afford to hire” I hear you say. Think again.

A Virtual Assistant can step in straight away, for as little or as much support as you need.

From administrative support and bookkeeping, to social media management and project work, we can help you to reduce the stress, take back control and drive your business to the next level.


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